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Intellectual Property

Marvin has experience advising high-tech companies, and has worked closely with management of corporations in devising and executing strategies for emerging technologies, business development, cross-border litigation, analyzing corporate legal issues, finding and implementing solutions to business and legal problems, negotiating terms, conducting due diligence, directors and officers liability, managing outside counsel, and supervising the preparation of agreements for technology/telecom transactions, e-commerce, internet related contracts, employment, mergers/ acquisitions, joint ventures, IP licenses, and other corporate transactions.

Marvin served as lead winning Counsel for the Ontario Human Rights Commission in the landmark reported case (Entrop v. Imperial Oil Ltd.) concerning the legality of and technology involved with workplace drug and alcohol testing. He co-authored "CLV Special Reports - The Drug Testing Controversy: Imperial Oil and Other Lessons", published by Carswell, which presents a legal perspective and practical advice on the controversial issue of drug testing in the workplace.

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