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  1. ADR Institute of Ontario - "ADR Mentor Series: The New ADR Landscape in 20201 - Part 2 - Arbitration" - February 24, 2021 [View Flyer]
  2. ADR Institute of Ontario - "ADR Mentor Series: The New ADR Landscape in 2021 - Part 1 - Workplace Investigation" - January 27, 2021 [View Flyer]
  3. Cannabis Law Report - "CLR Interviews Jonathan Jacobs Co-Founder of the Canadian Cannabis Dispute Resolution Centre" - November 16, 2020 [Read Now]
  4. Brantford Expositor - "Councillor didn't violate code of conduct, says integrity commissioner" - October 28, 2020 [Read Now]
  5. PRWeb - "The Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals Launches 'One Stop Shop' Websites for Litigators and Staff" - September 8, 2020 [Read Now
  6. Ottawa Citizen - "Stage 2 contractors monitoring COVID-19 impact as 'force majeure' becomes industry buzz" - April 3, 2020 [Read Now]
  7. The Navigator - "2019 Walter Owen Book Prize Winner Announced" - December 20, 2019 [Read Now]  
  8. The Resolver "Make the most of med-arb - Combining mediation and arbitration can help to keep the process fast and flexible" - Autumn 2019 [Read Now]
  9. - ADR "How to communicate the ADR way" - August 19, 2019, [Read Now]
  10. - ADR "AI has a place in ADR - Huberman" - June 13, 2019, [Read Now]
  11. Law Times "AI may  help with alternative dispute resolution" - June 3, 2019, [Read Now]
  12. - ADR "Complexity of construction disputes makes them perfect for ADR" - May 15, 2019 [Read Now]
  13. Law Times "ADR can help with cannabis law" - December 10, 2018, [Read Now]
  14. - ADR "Appeal court sides with Huberman in landmark commercial arbitration case" - September 12, 2018, [Read Now]
  15. Law Times "New construction adjudication process coming" - September 3, 2018, [Read Now]
  16. Law Times "OCA Upholds U.S. Rabbinical Court's Award" - July 30, 2018, [Read Now]
  17. The Voice of Pelham - "Exoneration in Regional CAO hire" - July 10, 2018, [Read Now]
  18. - ADR, Civil Litigation "Huberman set to launch new book on commercial arbitration" - August 29, 2017, [Read Now]. Click here for an overview and to purchase the book.
    Update: The Advocate - New Books and Media - Vol 76 Part 2 March 2018, p. 269-273: Click here for Book Review by Barry Leon.
  19. - ADR "Huberman named commercial arbitrator of the year" - January 3, 2017, [Read Now]
  20. Trial Counsel - "Commercial Arbitration: On the Record with Alex Turner" - December 9, 2016, [Read Now]
  21. Law Times "Caveat emptor reigns in real estate law" - October 31, 2016, [Read Now]
  22. Law Times "Independent body to oversee SCC judicial selection " - October 3, 2016, [Read Now]
  23. - ADR, Mediation "TCAS makes positive changes to international commercial arbitration" - July 21, 2016, [Read Now]
  24. - Mediation "Huberman named member of TCAS Executive Committee" - June 3, 2016, [Read Now]
  25. - ADR "Huberman shares effective commercial arbitration tips" - April 26, 2016, [Read Now]
  26. - ADR & Arbitration "Huberman named Canadian commercial arbitration firm of the year" - April 14, 2016, [Read Now]
  27. - ADR & Arbitration, Civil Litigation "Privacy ruling on emails shows system works as intended" - March 3, 2016, [Read Now]
  28. - ADR & Arbitration, Civil Litigation "Successful arbitration advocacy 'all about that base'" - Feb 24, 2016, [Read Now]
  29. - ADR & Arbitration "Rare ruling focuses on maintaining values of adversarial system" - Feb 7, 2016, [Read Now]
  30. - ADR & Arbitration "Emotions vital part of important decisions" - Feb 7, 2016, [Read Now]
  31. - ADR & Arbitration "Third-party funding in arbitrations lack guidelines, legislation" - Dec 23, 2015, [Read Now]
  32. - ADR & Arbitration "Canada is an arbitration-friendly jurisdiction" - Nov 25, 2015, [Read Now]
  33. - Cross-Border, Constitutional "TPP agreement much needed" - Nov 12, 2015, [Read Now]
  34. - Legal Feeds "Lawyer warns about 'unpleasant surprises' as TPP text released" - November 6, 2015, [Read Now]
  35. - Administrative & Government "It′s time for an arbitration revolution" - July 21, 2015, [Read Now]
  36. - Administrative & Government "Debatable if voting reform would face Charter challenge" - July 10, 2015, [Read Now]
  37. - ADR & Arbitration "Huberman recognized for excellence in commercial arbitration"- June 24, 2015, [Read Now]
  38. - Administrative & Government, ADR & Arbitration "ADR could achieve goals of stakeholders in eHealth dispute" - June 4, 2015, [Read Now]
  39. - ADR & Arbitration "Creating an appropriate dispute resolution action plan" - May 28, 2015, [Read Now]
  40. - ADR & Arbitration, Civil Litigation "Huberman receives Chartered Arbitrator designation" - April 17, 2015, [ Read Now ]
  41. - ADR & Arbitration "Online dispute resolution has a long way to go in Ontario" - March 17, 2015, [Read Now]
  42. - ADR & Arbitration "When ADR works and when it doesn't" - March 2, 2015, [ Read Now]
  43. - Civil Litigation "Moore v. Getahun has huge implications for the litigation bar" - Feb. 20, 2015, [Read Now]
  44. Sun News, Video of interview with Marvin Huberman, "Are Conservatives too tough on crime?" - Feb. 5, 2014, [Watch Video Now]
  45. Jennifer Yang, "Families face financial ruin after placing trust in Oakville broker" -, April 7, 2012, [Read Now]

Quotable Quotes

  • Inching towards the digital age - Legal Report: ADR

    Canadian Lawyer, August 1, 2016 by: Ian Harvey
    The Law Society of Upper Canada Rules of Professional Conduct impose a duty on a lawyer to explore ADR as an option as appropriate in every case. A lawyer must discuss the ADR options with the client. It's not just a good thing to do, it's a must do. ... [more]

  • Legal horizons - Experts weigh in with tips and viewpoints on trends in procurement law

    PurchasingB2B, February 29, 2016 by: Neil Michael
    PowerPublic procurement professionals recognize and continue to embrace the use of ADR as a way to lessen costs, save time, reduce stress, build and strengthen relationships, provide more flexible processes and more party-sensitive and complex solutions than a traditional litigated outcome, ... [more]

  • Privacy commissioner e-mail ruling sets new precedent

    Law Times, February 29, 2016 by: Neil Etienne
    It offers clarity and an appropriate application of the relevant principles of law and statutory provisions to the facts and circumstances in that case, ... To me, the system worked as it was supposed to work and how it was intended to work ... [more]

  • Thinking about feelings in decisions

    The Lawyers Weekly, January 29, 2016 by: Simon Hally
    I can say without hesitation and with great conviction as a specialist in civil litigation and dispute resolution that emotions play a critically important role in our decision-making processes... [more]

  • The legal profession

    November 2015 by: The Honourable Mr. Justice Joseph W. Quinn, Ontario Superior Court of Justice
    It has been said [by Marvin Joel Huberman] that "The legal profession is a high and noble calling grounded in skill, knowledge and honour. Lawyers are officers of the court, gowned in its dignity, and compelled by tradition and regulation to discharge their duties with integrity, courtesy and respect."

  • Muir's mandates incorporation, August 15, 2014 by: Carolyn Gruske
    It's really for the protection of the employer. The issue really pertains to vicarious liability of the company that is-loosely we'll call it-'employing' these people, ... [more]

  • Avoid taking chances

    Blueprints Supplement, Jul/Aug/Sep 2013, p.8-14; by: Dan Alaimo
    Companies cannot afford not to do it. It′s not even a question of should we do it, or how do we do it best. In my view, it′s imperative. There is no choice ... [more]

  • Couple sues over haunted house

    Law Times, January 14 2013, p.12; by: Marg. Bruineman
    By not disclosing the gruesome double murder, that is a violation of the rule of ethics ... [more

  • Keeping It Legal: Experts look at trends in procurement law

    purchasing b2b, March/April 2012, p.10-13; by: Michael Power
    When you get fuzziness in contractual language, problems often arise and that's when the disputes begin ... The two tips I would suggest would be to slow it down and to make sure the message that′s being communicated is more clear...[more]

  • Legal leaders: Experts peg trends in procurement law

    purchasing b2b, January/February 2010, p.10-13; by: Lisa Wichmann
    In tough times, tough positions get taken. ... [more]

  • Taking Stock: We're on the case

    MM&D, Materials Management & Distribution, Canada's Supply Chain Magazine, May 2008, Volume 53, Number 4, p.3; by: Emily Atkins.
    That's why we are delighted to welcome lawyer Marvin Huberman as our resident legal wrangler. His column, Legal Link, will examine specifics of transportation law, with an eye to helping the shipper avoid hassles ... [more]

  • Miller, Giambrone warm to an 'essential' decision

    THE STAR, Apr 29, 2008 by: John Spears, Robert Benzie, Tracey Tyler (Staff Reporters)
    Huberman said declaring the TTC an essential service could also be contested in court by the union. "Although I can clearly see the public policy rationale behind doing so, the question really is, 'Does this fall within the established principles of the essential-services matrix?'" ... [more]

  • Risky Business

    MM&D, Materials Management & Distribution, Canada's Supply Chain Magazine, January/February 2008, Volume 53, Number 1, p.33; by: Deborah Aarts
    Marvin Huberman, a Toronto-based lawyer who has represented shippers in claims against both CN and CPR, says rail liability can be incredibly complex, involving contract law, common law and regulatory law, among others. His top piece of advice for shippers: do your homework ... [more]

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